20 December 2005

Irony is a Sweet Thing

World's Monetary Debt to Israel Doubles [Israel National News]

Government and private loans to other countries have doubled in the past year, with world debts totaling $24 billion as of September 30. The Bank of Israel reported the amount is more than double than that of last year as Israel turns from a borrower to a lender.

Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer also said that Israel's credit rating will improve several months after the elections because economic policies are stable despite political uncertainties.

*Insert perfunctory Shylock comment here.*

Edit: It really is sad that I feel the need to jump the gun and automatically assume that someone, somewhere is going to make some cheap (all puns intended) joke about Jews being the world's financeers. Part of me is doing it because I'm a cynic, and the sad thing is that cynicism is often a reaction to the sad truth.

In happier news, the New York City subways and busses are on strike today. To the suckers who work in the Big Apple I give a loud and hearty HA! I can't wait until they start beating each other up for taxis.


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