08 December 2005

Condemn This-- with FORCE

DEBKAfile Reports:

"Palestinian terrorists are preparing Qassam missiles with chemical warheads, according to information reaching Israeli intelligence.

...Palestinian missile fire continued Thursday, this time from the southern Gazan town of Khan Younes. One exploded at Moshav Yesha, causing no casualties. Israeli aerial and artillery strikes continued against missile sites after a night in which three Qassam missiles landed near Sderot and the Erez crossing."

I'm supposed to congratulate John Bolton for taking the baby step of condemning last week's Sharon shopping mall homicide bombing attack in Netanya when I read stuff like this? You're kidding me- right? What does "condeming" mean, anyway? Saying that murdering innocent people is wrong? Isn't that just obvious? When do we get excited and give group hugs because someone states a fact? What kind of world is this, anyway?

Answer: This is the kind of world where daily bombings and rocket attacks are considered regular aspects of everyday life in democratic, peace loving nations. This is the kind of world where men and women who strap bombs to themselves and blow themselves up in order to kill Israelis in the name of some fanatical religion are considered martyrs for peace. This is the kind of world where peace really means war, war really means sanctions, sanctions really mean condemnations, and condemnations really mean words that evaporate into thin, hot air.


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