13 December 2005

The Jewish Definition of "Christian"

Rabbi Eckstein of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is speaking on Israel National Radio's "A Light Unto the Nations" right now. When asked how he handles relating to people who may want to missionize to the Jewish people, he says that he draws the line and will not speak to those "Messianic" groups who try to prostheletyze the Jewish people. If people want to believe in Jesus, that's okay-- just don't try to tell the Jewish people about it, even if you support them and the state of Israel.

The hosts went on to ask him if he gives two messages-- one to Christians and one to Jews. He said that he does in order to relate to both groups in their own ways. He'll use Christian scriptures to talk to Christians about Israel, and Jewish scriptures and teachings to relate to the Jewish people about Israel.

Now they're asking him if he, as an ordained Rabbi, is teaching Christian theology to Christians. He answers by saying how he focuses on the Jewish roots of Christianity to Christians by using Romans 9-11 which states that they are grafted into the Jewish faith, and by further examples, such as the fact that Jesus really celebrated Passover at the famed "Last Supper." This, he claims, endears the Christians to the Jewish people.

You'd think he was prostheletyzing!


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