16 December 2005

Friday Five

In my old days on LJ, they used to do the Friday Five-- five questions to answer on Friday. Well, forget questions-- I want answers; in this spirit I give you the Friday Five Answers.

1. I like the blogger's "Merry Christmas ACLU" nativity campaign. One suggestion for the image-- how about "Mary Christmas, ACLU" just to drive the point home, even more. Wordplay is fun, and I doubt it'd be seen as offensive.

2. Since you still don't get it, the "War on Christmas" is sooo over. FYI Judge Andrew Napolitano (who I do agree with on many occassions) I do get offended when someone wishes me a "Merry Christmas," and I just watched "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" four days ago. Don't wish me faux happiness; just let me live as I am in peace and don't wrangle me into your War of Terms. (Because if you do, as I've already proven, you're in for a tongue-lashing you won't soon forget.)

3. Ariel Sharon is either trying to send a warning, or he's completely converted to the dark side. In either case, if you have the ability to vote in the Israeli elections in march, DON'T VOTE FOR KADIMA. In the confusing world of Israeli politics, it is incredibly hard to decide which candidate actually should get your vote. While I'm certainly no expert, I can guarantee you that Labor and Kadima are bad avenues to travel. Likud will most likely win the majority, but out of their candidates for PM I'm not really sure which is the most reliable. Moshe Feiglin of Manhigut Yehudit is so ultra Orthodox that his election would ultimately lead to a theocracy. If you think I'm exaggerating, check out the Manhigut Yehudit website. Their ultimate goal is to reestablish Israel's Monarchy, once again proving that the Jewish people do not learn from their own history as well as they should. Netanyahu is the bigwig candidate in Likud right now, but I wonder if his glory days aren't behind him. Granted, he has an excellent economic policy; he did, however, stick with the disengagement plan until the 11th hour. In any case, Israel would fare better if they dumped the "Parliamentary" from their Democracy. Parliamentary systems never helped anyone. Checks and balances, people, checks and balances!

4. Aussies kicking Muslim butt. Just combine that concept with random scenes from the Mad Max film series, and you will have an excellent weekend.

5. The top news story on television this morning focused on "Presidential approval being given to American spy agencies to spy on Americans without a warrant!!!!" The news report went something like this: "The President authorized The NSA, which is an agency that spies on all international communications, to spy on Americans' international phone calls and emails without a warrant!" Uhm. Key word: INTERNATIONAL. If the NSA monitors INTERNATIONAL communications, then they have a right to monitor the communications of those in America who are connecting INTERNATIONALLY. What, you mean to tell me that if they have a wire tap on some Islamic S.O.B. who's telling-all about an up-and-coming bombing, they're going to stop listening-in if they find out that Mr. S.O.B. is speaking to someone in Kansas? Please. Get a grip. Believe me, I'm the first to tell you that the Patriot Act is invasive, and if a Democrat ever got that much power into their smarmy hands, you'd better watch out, but this is just media hype. Here's a tip: if it's news you need to know, you aren't going to find out about it through the MSM.


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