16 January 2006

Fair Warning

Iran issues stark warning on oil price

"Any possible sanctions from the west could possibly, by disturbing Iran's political and economic situation, raise oil prices beyond levels the west expects," [Iran's economy minister, Davoud Danesh-Jafari] told Iranian state radio.

...Mr Danesh-Jafari's warning added weight to veiled threats by Iran's president on Saturday. Iran had a "cheap means" of achieving its nuclear "rights", Mr Ahmadinejad said, adding: "You [the west] need us more than we need you. All of you today need the Iranian nation."

Well, Mr. Danesh-Jafari and all associates, from all of us freedom-loving, Democratic, gun-toting, Bible-believing, Jewish, Christian, pro-war, Republican, Libertarian, Conservative, blogging, talk-radio-listening, Truth-loving freedom fighters out there, consider this fair warning: you'll have no time to duck and cover, you miserable S.O.B., because us dhimmis are going to kick your pathetic, puny little ass to a kingdom come where your only reward will be 72 demons bent on making your eternity the most miserable of hells.

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