17 January 2006

Forget Films.

Film Depicting Human Side of Suicide Bombers Wins Golden Globe [Israel National News]

A movie presenting the human side of two Moslem suicide bombers with a mission to kill innocent Jews in Tel Aviv won a Golden Globe award Monday night for best foreign language film.

...Daniel Pipes, a commentator on Middle East affairs, called the movie “propagandistic,” saying it “whitewashes Palestinian suicide bombing.”

A film critic for the New York Times said the movie “risks offending viewers in the same way that humanizing Hitler does.”

...A reviewer for Frontpagemag.com said, “Israelis are depersonalized and utterly demonized. For most of the film we see Israelis only as soldiers: ominous, hard-eyed, helmeted, armed or in tanks. The film betrays no understanding that there is more than one side to this tragic story.”

Not all reviewers criticized the film’s one-sidedness. Entertainment Weekly praised the movie for “the dignity bestowed on a pair of Palestinian suicide bombers.”

Hatred of Israel is also a dominant theme in the movie. As the action progresses, one of the characters decides not to carry out the attack. The other character, however, decides he must blow up Jews. His cites the “occupation” and the need to overcome his shame for having a father who was executed by Arabs for cooperating with Israel.

Winning a Golden Globe award puts Paradise Now in an excellent position to win an Oscar for Best Foreign Film when the Academy Awards are given out this March.

I spent five years of my life earning two degrees that say to the world I'm qualified to both create and analyze television and film productions.

I should have gone to business school.

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