30 January 2006

It Takes Music to Dance

The next entry in the Liberal Lunacy Dance Contest comes from Conservative blogger Mediacrity (via Israpundit) oddly enough:

More on the Hamas Defeat

A segment I just saw on CNN Live Sunday bears out what I've been saying -- the Hamas election victory is one heck of a PR disaster for the Pals! Since this war is waged in the airwaves as much as anywhere, that is a major blow to these cretins.

...Guys, I'll leave the geopolitical discussions to my elders and betters. But from a strictly propaganda, PR perspective they are really down their in the dirt. Grind 'em down, guys.

Mediacrity's problem is that he gives an objective description of CNN's coverage: Hamas's leader "looks like a certifiable nut" (yeah, to anyone with a brain, but as we all know- that means like, five of us in the entire world) listing a series of demands, versus Israeli acting PM Ehud Olmert, who looks "dignified" calling on all governments to fight terrorism.

Big whoopdy-frickin' deal. That isn't "grinding" anyone down. Mediacrity's opinions are coming from a mind bathed in the language of media studies. Moreover, they're coming from a conservative, pro-Israel perspective. How many people who watch CNN actually have the brainpower to distinguish between an Islamic nutcase and a democratic Israeli? Let's see: NONE. So I wouldn't bother getting too excited over anything coming out of CNN. That's as ridiculous as the argument coming from the conservative camp that "Hamas' election was a GOOD thing because now the world can really see what these guys are like." Get a clue. There's nothing, nothing, nothing good about Hamas being elected. NOTHING. Here's what the election of Hamas does prove:

American politicians are idiots.

European politicians are idiots.

Everyone involved in the "Middle East Peace Process" is an idiot.

The "Road Map [to Auschwitz]" is a force being used for Israel's destruction.

Palestinians are bloodthirsty, vicious animals and murders who want to drive Israel into the sea, and will stop at nothing to achieve that goal.

We should've bombed Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia in the days after Saddam's fall.

Israel should've wiped out the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip the day after the "Disengagement."

America should be giving Israel everything she needs in the way of equipment, weapons, ammunition, and etc. to bomb the crap out of Iran and eliminate the Palestinian threat for good.

I dislike the fact that so many conservatives out there are trying to find some positive side to this entire disaster. Don't get excited because CNN actually showed both sides of the story for a change-- that's what they're supposed to do! And definitely don't get excited when a Hamas leader appears in a guerilla-like setting looking like a derranged lunatic-- THEY'VE ALWAYS APPEARED THAT WAY! It's not like they've suddenly incorporated "casual Fridays" into their lifestyle. Get a grip! These people are nuts, they always have been nuts, they always will be nuts, and the mainstream media will ALWAYS be on their side! Stop making the obvious into big, exciting, hopeful news! Stop cowtowing with your own spin and start telling it like it is before we're all blown to bits!

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