27 January 2006


If General Patton were in charge of this war, the entire Middle East, with the exception of Israel, would be a glass factory by now.

Only now are some MSM news agencies, like Fox, even talking about the fact that Iraq HAD WMDs and shipped them over the border to Syria in the months before we attacked. We knew this months ago you tools of socialist propaganda!

Do you realize that if we were actually allowed to fight a war instead of sit in a circle for group therapy and hugs we'd be busy rebuilding the entire Middle East by now? Israel would be secure, because the palestinians would have submitted on pain of death. The nutcase Islamics with a need to blow themselves up would've died and gone to hell without their virgins, because we would've beat them to it and blown their brains out before they could even reach their triggers. We wouldn't be worried about troop reduction or stop-gap Army recruiting, because there would be more recruits than ever going into the Armed Forces, excited at the opportunity to participate in the rebuilding of an entire subsection of the WORLD.

Instead, we're stuck with politicians wearing helmets to match their power suits, meeting behind the closed doors of posh hotels and resorts, attending thousand-dollar lunches and million-dollar conferences and playing around with our soldiers and ourselves as if we were nothing more than chess pieces on the gameboard of life.

They are letting our enemies win.

Would General Patton have booked a date for attack with Iraq? Would he have barrel-assed into Israeli politics and demanded a democratic vote take place in territories occupied solely by terrorists, territories that can't even be called a legitimate State? Would General Patton, upon hearing that the party he wanted to be in office didn't get elected because the non-nation's electorate consists of a bunch of murderous animals, throw a hissy fit and decide to just not recognize that government in the name of democracy?

No. No. And ...no. General Patton would've blown the crap out of the palestinians and insisted on being the first to congratulate Israel on her new, post-war land gains.

You're all fools. Bloody, insane FOOLS. That's right, I'm talking to you-- you politicians, you Republicans, you Democrats, you liberals, you conservatives, you right-wingers, you left-wingers, you alternative media mavens-- all of you jerks who are stupid enough to tote party line, or dare to claim your independence, only to keep your mouth shut in the end when it really matters. I can count on one hand the number of people I know who haven't gone so far, only to smack into a wall and fail, compromise, give-in to what's popular from one school of thought or another. This world is dying, and all of you ignorant, selfish, scared little bastards are digging the hole deeper every day.

I'm sick of words. I want action. I want bombs over Iran. I want explosions to rock palestinian territories. I want Americans who claim to be conservative, who claim to be so disgruntled with our government, who claim to have an audience, a following, some level of power in public life, to ACT on all of their high-faluting notions for once! What good are words on paper if they aren't acted upon in real life?! I'll tell you how good they are-- they're as good as the paper they're printed on, so congratulations for getting your two cents in print, because that's all your ideas are worth. Pathetic, sad people. Thanks for telling us to write to Congress. I'm sure that aide is real glad you don't need to alphabetize when you throw things in the round file.

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