25 January 2006

Blogging from the Free World

Over here, the MSM thinks it is appropriate to wake us up with, "President Bush is calling 'domestic spying' 'terror surveillance'!!!!!" Yeah, how gauche. Didn't we get over this like, two months ago? Hey-- whatever happened to that Alito guy?

For the biggest angering news story of the day, check out Drudge.

Google says offers self-censored Chinese service [Reuters]

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Web search leader Google Inc. said on Tuesday that it was introducing a new service for China that seeks to avoid a confrontation with the government by restricting access to services to which users contribute such as e-mail, chat rooms and blogs.

The new Chinese service at http://www.google.cn will offer a self-censored version of Google's popular search system that restricts access to thousands of terms and Web sites.

First, Windows, now, Google. The same Internet search engine that refused to allow the Bush Administration access to its search records in the name of hunting down terrorists.

This is pathetic.

I'm all about restricting government access without a warrant. I don't believe it is efficient, let alone in the best interests of the American public, to give the government free access to web search records via a search engine. To me, that's the equivalent of looking for a needle in the haystack. I do not, however, have any problem with the government getting a warrant to search a private person's, corporation's, or religious group's computer software or hardware because they are suspect. So, initially, I agreed with Google.

Now I think they're as nutty as everyone else in the MSM. "We won't let the American government squash our users' liberties in America, but we'll help the Chinese government goose-step all over their own people!" Disgusting. You're an American company-- why do you feel the need to cater to the wishes of a foreign government, especially when they have NO jurisdiction over the Internet!!! Wait a sec-- did Kofi Annan just take over the reigns at Google, or what? Algore? Is it Algore's fault? He invented the Internet, didn't he?

This makes me sick. If we let them go after the Chinese, they'll be after us next. You'd better start exchanging phone numbers and snail mail addresses with all your 'net buddies, free world, and invest in carrier pigeons. This world is nuts, and it doesn't look like it's going to get any better any time soon.

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