24 January 2006

The President's View of Terror

Over at Israpundit there's an intriguing post regarding how President Bush views our enemies in the War on Terror. The author writes:

I think the President fully understands jihad and the Islamosupremacy program even if political discretion prevents him from using the specific words that correspond to the particular phenomena of that program.

I have to disagree with this on two points. Firstly, correct terminology is imperative. Speaking boldly is essential but can be rendered useless if the appropriate terms are not applied properly. It's all well and good to say that these people are evil, but who are "these people"? As long as we cannot clearly define our enemies, we're still stuck fighting ideas instead of the purveyors of them. In the Revolutionary War, we fought England, not "monarchy" nor "tyranny." In contrast, today, we fight "terror" not Islam, nor muslims, nor Iran. It is all well and good to go to war for ideological purposes, as this is what motivates all wars, but unless we can identify the physical people, nations, and religions that embody what we are fighting against, how can we expect to identify our enemies on the battlefield?

Secondly, I cannot believe the President understands the full nature of this battle, simply because, if he did, our government would not be so quick to turn their back on Israel and view Hamas and Fatah in a favorable light. How can anyone think President Bush has a clear vision of who our enemies are when the government he leads is busy giving political and financial support to organizations bent on the destruction of Israel and America, organizations that are funded by the same terror groups we're trying so hard to eradicate in Iraq?

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