05 January 2006

Yes, Virginia, There is a Jesus

Did Jesus exist? Court to decide[CNN]

"An Italian court is tackling Jesus -- and whether the Roman Catholic Church may be breaking the law by teaching that he existed 2,000 years ago.

The case pits against each other two men in their 70s, who are from the same central Italian town and even went to the same seminary school in their teenage years.

..."Cascioli says he didn't exist. And I said that he did," he said. "The judge will decide if Christ exists or not."

Even Cascioli admits that the odds are against him, especially in Roman Catholic Italy.

"It would take a miracle to win," he joked."

Please, please tell me that the Cascioli is going to tell the judge that "the power of Christ compels" him to say that Jesus didn't exist. Actually, I think it would be very fitting for a group of nuns to march into the courtroom, right as the verdict is about to be announced, and place the Shroud of Turin on the bench for public viewing. Then, Jesus's lawyer (played by John Payne) will give a heartwarming plea to the judge in an attempt to convince him that the proof that Jesus exists is in the hearts and minds of those who love Him. The Judge will obviously agree and declare that Jesus exists, whereby Jesus will abruptly leave the courthouse to go about His duties and in the morning, the whole of Israel will wake up to find world peace sitting under their Christmas Trees. The End.


Blogger Jeff said...

I think the existence of Jesus is pretty secure--that is, unless Italy has activist judges too.

Here's my analysis of the whole thing: Could Jesus Suffer His Father's Fate?

11:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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