06 February 2006

This Jew's for Denmark

The victors in any battle are the ones who remember their history as a living force, not a dead fable. European muslims beware: the freedom fighters of this world will not be silenced.

Christian X, King of Denmark during World War 2

King Christian X became a prominent figure for the real views of the majority of the Danish population. The King made it his practice to ride his horse alone through Copenhagen every morning to underline his continuing claims for national sovereignty, unarmed and without escort. He became a national symbol for rich and poor alike, a positive contrast to German militarism and to the cult of the Fuhrer. In fact King Christian rejected many aspects of the occupation, made speeches against the occupying force and became known as a protector of the Jews.

In December 1941, after an arson at the synagogue in Copenhagen, he sent a letter of sympathy to Rabbi Marcus Melchior. The welfare of the Danish Jews was of great importance to the king and the Danish government. "There is no Jewish question in Denmark" were the words of Foreign Minister Erik Scavenius to the German top Nazi Hermann Goring in autumn 1941.

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Blogger The Dane said...

...because he was protecting a minority that was being suppresed.

This has nothing to do with them being jewish. If they were muslims he would do the same.

I would do the same. It can not be tolerated that a minority is being surpressed.

That is why I personally (and the majority of Denmark) can not tolerate the palastine is being surpressed by Isreal.

It is easy to pure more gasoline on this conflict if that is your interesst. You can also try to seek cultural understanding and reach out. That is what I am doing and it could be nice if you would join me.

Jacob Larsen, Denmark

12:35 AM  
Blogger Shanah said...

Don't lecture me about "cultural understanding" when you can't even spell the name of my people's country correctly.

You oppress the world every time you open your mouth. Go ahead, reach out and touch someone. In fact, here's a little Cultural Understanding 101: don't worry if they reach out and touch their detonator, that's just their culture's way of saying "hello."

2:49 AM  

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