22 February 2006

The Laughter of Insanity

Carter backs Bush's stand on seaport-operations deal [Miami Herald via Drudge]

Former President Jimmy Carter downplayed criticism of White House support of an Arab-owned company's purchase of a major seaport-operations firm. ...''The overall threat to the United States and security, I don't think it exists,'' Carter said on CNN's The Situation Room. ``I'm sure the president's done a good job with his subordinates to make sure this is not a threat.''

On the next episode of Jimmy & George, the Presidents help plant the first Palestinian peanut farm in Gaza. "You've heard of Mexican Jumping Beans," G.W. quips, "now there's Palestinian Exploding Nuts!" [All puns intended.]

Economists are already coming out in favor of the port deal, in the spirit of "global economy."

The WSJ disappoints on the “ports” [Israpundit]

Yes, some of the 9/11 hijackers were UAE citizens. But then the London subway bombings last year were perpetrated by citizens of Britain, home to the company (P&O) that currently manages the ports that Dubai Ports World would take over. Which tells us three things: First, this work is already being outsourced to “a foreign-based company”; second, discriminating against a Mideast company offers no security guarantees because attacks are sometimes homegrown; and third, Mr. Graham likes to talk first and ask questions later.”

First, why are we outsourcing work when people in places like Detroit and all over the country are losing jobs akin to the work being done every day at seaports you feel like selling to foreign entities, who will most likely staff them with foreigners looking for green cards and a job to pay for flight school?

Second, the Islamic nutcase with a U.S. passport didn't get his dark complexion at Hollywood Tans. If you really think the threat is "home grown" try staffing our massive Immigration and Naturalization bureaucracy with people whose qualifications stretch a tad beyond a G.E.D. and a desirable racial profile suitable for filling a quota.

Third, questions are for therapy, not business. If you feel the need to ask yourself any questions about why this is a bad deal, get a blankie, suck your thumb, and re-birth yourself at Dr. Garry's office-- maybe VH1 will give you your own show.

Besides, the notion that the Bush Administration is farming out port “security” to hostile Arab nations is alarmist nonsense. Dubai Ports World would be managing the commercial activities of these U.S. ports, not securing them. There’s a difference. Port security falls to Coast Guard and U.S. Customs officials.

And the European Union will be monitoring the situation to make sure that U.S. soldiers aren't interfering with port commerce, right? Wait, let me guess, we're going to be bringing over some Israeli soldiers from the Gaza border to give the Coast Guard "sensitivity training."

As a side note, I'd like to mention that I went to graduate school with a kid from Dubai. He told me once that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion was so popular there that you could get a copy at any government office in the country. He also cornered me once in an empty room and tried to force me to admit that Israeli soldiers massacred Palestinians in the now famously debunked Jenin incident. Interesting fact: Muslims aren't supposed to drink alcohol. So, anytime this kid wanted to get drunk, he'd drink with the hippie kids, some of whom were Jews. When the Jewish kids would claim to be friends with him, he'd deny it, of course, as if they were lunatics. He was also avidly against the War on Terror, and, no, his tan did not come from sitting in a booth for 30 minutes, either.

Want further proof as to the true character of the UAE? Check out LGF.

Michelle Malkin, who I admire quite a bit, declares that, The tone-deafness of the White House is bad. The craven political opportunism of the Democrats is worse. Why are we getting lost in politics right now? I know that a lot of these opinion writers get paid to comment on political happenings, but holy hell, we're talking about ethics here! Political opinions and legal opinions aside, common sense tells you that giving control of our ports over to the people who want to kill us is A BAD IDEA. But, hell, who cares about ethics; it's election season. Let's just play this up for as many votes as it's worth.

Think about it:

She's a woman.
She's American.
She's a pig.

What better way to offend Muslims while getting something done in Congress? She may not be kosher, but so far, my vote's with the pig.



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