24 February 2006

The Safest Place to be a Jew

French anti-Semitism is so bad (sadly enough, this is not new) that French Jews are making aliyah in record numbers, so much so that entire towns in Israel have been forced to go bilingual to service the new immigrants. The Cheif Rabbi of Britain has openly discussed growing anti-Semitism in the country, and cites it as a major cause for increased aliyah among British Jews. European anti-Semitism in general is on the rise.

Israel is on the brink of war. In fact, Arutz 7 is already referring to the IDF movements in palestinian areas as the Terror War. Iran, Syria, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and assorted other terrorist governments are supporting Hamas and the PLO in Gaza and the West Bank and Hizbullah in Lebanon. Jordan is nothing more than a landing pad and refueling center for Arab terror. In short, Israel's enemies are closing in-- fast.

Yet, aliyah continues, unabated.

What does that say about being a Jew in this world?



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