30 May 2006

Jewish = Israel

Daled Amos has a frighteningly poignant post regarding the repercussions of the much-not-heard-about AIPAC trial within the larger Jewish and Israeli communities. While the minyan is still out in deliberations on the "Jew, Not a Jew" question, the American Federal Government is making it pretty damned clear who is and isn't Jewish, who is and isn't Israel, and, most importantly, who can and can't be trusted. From the linked article in the NY Sun:
"All it says then is that somebody of a certain ethnicity may be more amenable to do the bidding of a foreign government," Mr. Spiro said. "These folks are being picked out for their national association which in this case is a proxy for their ethnic identity.... It's sort of like corruption of the extended blood."
Here's a hint: "certain ethnicity" doesn't mean Arab...

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