29 June 2006

Battle Updates

PRC statement from Gaza claims Eliyahu Asheri dead [JPost]

Confirmed or not, this means we can suck the air out of those bastards' lungs once and for all, right?

As horrible as I feel for this young man, his family, his friends, and all of his loved ones, I cannot bring myself to be consumed with mourning when there is a battle to be won. To quote General Patton, we cannot mourn the fact that this man has died, "rather, we thank G-d that such a man lived."

HaShem, you see this; you hear the cries of your people, HaShem.
Vengeance is yours alone, HaShem.
Hear the cries of your people and seek vengeance!
Remember your love for Israel your bride and have mercy for the sake of your Good Name.


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