13 June 2006

A Time for Action

The Hebrew word for "time" is zman. Like every other word in Hebrew, zman doesn't have a flat meaning, but rather, it expresses a concept. The concept of zman is "agreed on or appointed time."

Of course, the concept for every Hebrew word comes straight from scripture. Time, for the Israelite, is not some abstract concept to be philosophized over. Nor is it a controlling force within the universe. For the people of Israel, time is measured not in hours, but through events. The moadim or feasts (appointed times) are not dates on a calendar in Torah, but events that earmark both the harvest seasons and HaShem's appointed times of interaction with and on behalf of the nation of Israel. In other words, in Biblical thinking, time does not mark the happening of an event; rather, the happening of an event marks time.

Today, Tamar Yonah's show (click on her name to get the audio links) on Israel National Radio featured Dr. Jerome Corsi, political scholar and author most noted for his 2004 text Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry. Dr. Corsi discussed the much UN-known, much UN-talked about Security and Prosperity Partnership between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Under the guise of securing the North American borders against terrorism and improving economic conditions within the continent, the leaders of these three countries have signed a pact to basically form a North American Union. Through various economic and trade rulings, and under the guise of "security against terror", this union would do nothing less than dissolve the sovereignty of the United States of America. The majority of these measures are set to go into effect by 2010, which is only four years away.

Some of the areas the SPP partnership will cover include:

"Collaborate to establish risk-based screening standards for goods and people that rely on technology, information sharing and biometrics."

Read: A North American database containing everything there is to know about you, including your financial and medical records.

"Exchange additional law enforcement liaison officers to assist in criminal and security investigations"

Read: International, sorry, North American Union police.

"To speed up response times when managing infectious disease outbreaks, save lives, and reduce health care costs, the United States and Canada signed an agreement to enable simultaneous exchange of information between virtual national laboratory networks (PulseNet)."

Read: Didn't believe me when I said your medical information would be accessible anywhere at the click of a button?

Dr. Jerome Corsi's last five articles at Human Events Online detail many of the reprocussions America will face from these SPP measures, some of which are already being put in place.

What does this mean for Israel?

In short, the United States has always been Israel's only real ally. (Outside of Micronesia. We love you, Micronesia.) Already, we are seeing that alliance fail due to measures taken by the State Department and implemented by the American government, which have forced Israel into appeasing and giving her land to her enemies. A North American Union would only serve to damage this relationship, most likely beyond repair. If the European Union sets any precedent in this regard, a North American Union would be a curse, not a blessing to the State of Israel.

What does this mean for America?

Americans should look forward to losing their sovereignty and the rights that go along with it. We aren't just talking a change of currency; we're talking a change of laws and a change of rights. You will no longer be a citizen of the United States; you will be a citizen of North America.

What does this mean for Jewish Americans?

Safety, of course, is a paramount concern. Yet, as many times as we say "never again" during Yom haShoah, there will be those who fool themselves into thinking that another mass persecution of the Jewish people could not possibly happen again.

But it can.

Israel will always and forever be the only safe place to be Jewish.

While we live in America, we do have a responsibility to be good citizens. Part of this involves contacting Congress and demanding action AGAINST the SPP! By signing the SPP agreement, President Bush overrode the power the Legislative branch has over the Executive. In other words: HE WAS NOT AUTHORIZED TO SIGN THIS AGREEMENT.

Now is also the time to seriously consider making aliyah. Dr. Eugene Narrett issued this warning nearly a month ago for much the same reason as the one stated above: security. But there is more to it than protecting your own life: as a member of the House of Israel, you also have a deep responsibility to your fellow Israelite. When the nations stand against Israel, where will you be? Living in the nation (or union) that threatens you and your people, or standing side-by-side with your people and finding strength in unity? Will you be in a land where your enemies run freely, or will you live in the land where HaShem walks among you?

I am not only talking of a physical aliyah; I'm also talking of a spiritual aliyah. Now is the time for Israel to call on her G-d for salvation. Yet, HaShem's salvation requires teshuva. Teshuva not only indicates repentance, it speaks of the concept of returning to G-d and to the ways of G-d; for Israel, true teshuva is a humble and heartfelt return to Torah, to our commitment to HaShem that Avraham made with Him and that we echoed on Mt. Sinai. This is our commitment; this is who we are, and this is what we must adhere to if we are to survive.

So, what zman is this for the Jewish people of Israel? Rather, what zman will they make it into? Only our actions will tell...

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