10 August 2006

Loose Lips Sink Ships

In honor of West Bank Mama's Brilliant anti-talking postOn Grains of Salt and Whitespace:
Just a quick post about a sensitive subject - the amount and reliability of the information you are reading on the web.

No, I am not talking about faked photographs. I am talking about the endless streams of military analysis being published in article form. I am talking about the detailed plans and timetables that the IDF talking heads are giving out.

In a word (or in this case, a phrase) take everything you read with a grain of salt. What is more important really is what they are NOT telling you - what I call the white space - between the lines. And the bottom line is that you won't know what they are not telling you until it is safe for everyone to know. And you should have patience and the maturity to wait for this information. ...
I give you my latest contribution to the war effort:

Original World War II poster here

Let us reserve our best information for conversing in *silent* prayer to HaShem.


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