02 November 2006

America: From Freedom to Fascism

How do I learn about what's really going on in America? I read Israeli news, of course. I especially make it a point to listen to Israel National Radio online. Their English-speaking broadcasters are primarily former Americans who make it a point to bring on the air American guests (often Jewish, sometimes not) who can't get airtime in America because they are openly critical about the government and the media. Thanks to Israel National Radio, I've been turned on to such brilliant minds as Francisco Gil-White, Eugene Narrett, and Jerome Corsi, among many others. It is a source all Americans should be going to in order to learn about what's really going on in their country.

Tamar Yonah recently had film director/producer Aaron Russo on to talk about his latest documentary, America: From Freedom to Fascism. Before listening to the interview, I clicked on the link to Russo's site and watched the first of three trailers for the film. Focusing on the Federal Reserve and income tax issues, the film also delves into the long-held chip-implant "conspiracy theory" as well. The thesis: American federal government has too much power, much more than the average American even realizes. This is a theory I can agree with wholeheartedly.

This afternoon will be spent listening to the Russo interview. For now, I encourage you to watch the trailer(s) and hop on over to Israel National Radio, so you can learn about what's really going on in America. Because, if you want to really get educated about any situation, just ask the Jews. (Duh ;)

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