18 October 2006

Our Enemies and Ourselves

[Editor's Note: Happy 400th post!]

Right On: The coming Middle East war Michael Freund [JPost]
The warning signs are everywhere, yet no one wishes to see them. Israel's foes are gearing up for war, and it's time that we opened our eyes to the danger that confronts us.

The conflict may be just weeks or even months away, or perhaps a bit longer. How it will start is anyone's guess, but make no mistake, a major outbreak of hostilities is almost certainly around the corner.

If this sounds like scare-mongering or even an advanced case of paranoia to you, just take a glance at the newspapers from the past few weeks. If you read them with a discerning eye, you will see exactly what I mean.
Read the whole thing.

Protestors Interrupt Prime Minister’s Address in Moscow Synagogue [Israel National News]
While Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was received warmly in the Moscow Great Synagogue, a number of people interrupted his address, prompting organizers to remove them from the audience.

The youths who were ousted carried signs, “Olmert resign,” “Olmert a traitor,” and “Olmert, where are the captive soldiers?”
Sure, the world is rallying against us. But we're speaking up-- even those of us still in Russia (Russia, for crying out loud!) are speaking up. We're tired of sitting back and taking a beating, and we're really tired of our own leadership allowing and encouraging this laisse-faire attitude that will kill us.

Maybe we'll see some modern-day Maccabees rise up this Chanukah. Prayer rally at the Kotel, anyone?


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