26 September 2006

WE Jews

Israpundit posts: The propaganda attack on Israel

The following article is a ** MUST READ ** for anyone who wants to know how public opinion against Israel is fed by the media and academia. Israeli journalist Ben-Dror Yemini’s article brilliantly demonstrates how the international community’s slanted narrative — which ignores Muslim and Arab violence against Muslims and Arabs — does injustice to Israel, which is falsely painted as the ultimate source of all conflict and violence in the world today.

My entire response to this is: Well, duh. More importantly, What are WE Jews going to do about it?

The sad thing is, most Jews in the galut don't even understand this very real dilemma, let alone understand that they are in the midst of it just as much as their Israeli Jewish mishpocha. The disconnect between these two communities is freaking unbelievable-- and could prove deadly for both groups.

The Jews in the galut need to learn that their identity doesn't just hinge on matrileneal lineage, if/when you go to shul, and whether or not you laugh at Jackie Mason jokes-- they need to understand the very physical realities of being Jewish. We have a land. We have a people. We have an army, a capital, all these physical things that define other nations so succinctly are OURS as well, and were ours before most of the rest of these countries even existed!

The Jews in Israel need to learn that the socialistic Zionism that cleaned the swamps in the late 1800s is not going to guarantee the survival of Eretz Yisrael-- neither will continual concessions to Arab neighbors bent on our destruction. Israeli Jews need to understand the spirituality of being Jewish, and they need to learn how to apply those spiritual principles to physical actions in everyday life-- economic, political, social-- in order to secure the future of Eretz Yisrael.

So, what are WE Jews going to do? Continue typing away in blogs, hoping that complaint-turned-into-rhetoric somehow changes things one day?


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