08 November 2006

Soma Holiday?

Hamas to Muslims: Attack US targets [JPost]

Signaling a change in tactics, Hamas' military wing on Wednesday called on Muslims around the world to attack American targets after an apparent misfiring of an IDF artillery shell in the Gaza Strip.

1. Personally, I don't consider it a "misfire" in the least.
2. Dems are in office. Can I place bets on how long it will be before Hillary appears before a crowd, telling a story involving her, Ahmadinnerjacket and a cigar in the Senate chamber?
3. In other words, get ready for massive amounts of appeasement. The fearmongers are in power! Big brother is watching, four legs are better than two, and free soma for everyone!

Those olives are sounding better and better all the time.

I wonder, G-d forbid, how long it will be before something happens in Iraq that "forces" the government to pull troops out "because of the will of the people." I wonder exactly how much pressure is going to be put on Israel to conceed territory and disarm now. I wonder how long it will take for the American people to buy into it, lock, stock and barrel.

Seriously, it's great to shout claims of voter fraud and bad party politics, but when it boils down to it, Americans have to be pushed so far beyond normal limits for them to react to *anything* they disagree with. The Revolutionary War was fought over taxes. Today, Americans pay a federal tax that isn't even mandated by law, without so much as asking a question. Americans are soft, lazy, apathetic and pathetic creatures who feel free to complain as long as they don't actually have to do anything to solve the problem.

The Dems are in Congress now, and they'll take the Executive in '08, and then the takeover will be complete.

Hello, Israel: When will you turn to your G-d? I'm sorry, all you Michael Freunds out there, but America is not going to save you.


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