26 October 2004

The Jewish Vote

The Jerusalem Post has an interesting article on Arab press commentary regarding the American Presidential election. In the article titled: Cartoons in Arab press anti-Semitic the JPost details that the only candidate the Arab press really sides with is Ralph Nader, who shares their belief that, as the Malaysian P.M. worded it so eloquently, "the Jews rule the world by proxy."

In other words, a vote for Kerry isn't a way to make friends with the radical Islamic world. In case you still don't get it: they hate us, they dislike us, they don't trust us, we are infidels and we must die for Allah, pass go, burn in hell, and collect no virgins. If anything, the enemy is making this extremely clear: it's either KILL OR BE KILLED. That's it. No making nice. No sharing the play-doh or taking turns on the swing. THESE RADICAL ISLAMICS WANT US DEAD, EVEN IF JOHN KERRY IS ELECTED PRESIDENT.

For a short review, here's John Kerry's plan for the War on Terror:

1. Get troops out of Iraq "faster".
2. Work on the defensive-- "react only when attacked".
3. "Pass a global test"-- get approval from the U.N. before reacting to an attack.
4. "Establish strong alliances"-- with France and Germany, who were paid by Saddam to supply Iraq with WMDs; btw, the first American casualty in Iraq was killed with a French ROLAND missle.
5. Take money out of the defense budget and spend it on socialized healthcare.

That's really going to save us from lunatics who want to systematically rape, torture, and disembowl us one by one in the name of Allah.

A full collection of these anti-Semitic political ads running in the Palestinian Authority, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Oman, Bahrain, and the general Arab press can be found on the ADL's website by clicking here.

Dennis Prager, Jewish commentator, has an excellent article on why it is critical that Jewish Americans vote for Bush in this election. He makes a lot of good points, but the one that stands out for me is:

Israel: Without Israel, the Holocaust could, and would happen again. Don't be fooled; the U.N., the Libs, and the Islamofacists HATE ISRAEL AND WANT IT DESTROYED. America, and only America, has been Israel's strongest, boldest ally. Without a pro-Israel Presidency, Israel, and therefore every Jew in the world, will be in danger. Don't fool yourselves; don't be the Jews of Europe circa 1934. The world hates us, and without a homeland we cannot survive; America is our strongest and our only ally.

My commentary: In turn, G-d promises that "I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you." It's true-- history is the proof. What happened to every empire that persecuted Jews; Spain, England, Germany, Russia... they have all fallen from grace, their political power destroyed. America has been a steadfast supporter of Israel, therefore G-d has blessed us. Don't laugh and think that He won't take that blessing away if we disobey His command, and don't be the idiot who thinks your 3.3 pounds of grey matter can control the Universe.


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