06 October 2004


CHECK OUT THE SITE! LibertyFilmFest.com

I really want one of those posters... and I want to see EVERY documentary that was shown. This is the second conservative film fest this year; the first was in Dallas a few months ago, which I believe my Libertarian-now-Republican buddy Jamie was at. By the way, Jamie is also a new filmmaker with a lot of great perspective: check out his site: 1971 Films.

Conservative power is rising in Hollywood and in the film world at large. When interviewed on FNC, the maker of Celcius 41.11 (the temperature at which the brain begins to melt), a Hollywood veteran, said that the climate in LA is changing. More and more employees, especially those under 30, are young Republicans. He predicted that, as a result, the films coming out of Hollywood in 5-10 years will have radical ideological changes ...they might even start being, dare I say it? PRO-American again! And this time, it'll be in color, not just black & white. Yet another sign that the pixilated Kerry-Edwards team is failing with their TV Dinner depiction of politics, which I'll comment on later.


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