07 October 2004

Israel, Iraq, and the UN

Reuters: Israel: Palestinian State Shelved with U.S. Blessing

Good. Very good. Because I don't feel like going to hell in my lifetime for taking part in changing the borders of Israel-- biiiig Biblical no-no there.

Also, the US veto'd a U.N. resolution condemning Israel's current actions in the Gaza Strip. I believe I mentioned this before, but it bears repeating.

Yet, American Jews living in America support Kerry by a 65% majority. This doesn't surprise me, but it is still embaffling. It's comparable to the proclamations of European Jews in the thirties who didn't think Hitler posed any sort of real threat.

George W. Bush has been the most pro-Israel, pro-Jewish President in history! Along with constantly defending Israel to the U.N. and the world at large, the President also has Rabbis on his spiritual advisory board. He reads scripture and understands the importance of the Jewish people and Israel. He understands that Israel and America are linked politically and morally.

Anyone who understands this must comprehend the fact that this election isn't just between bigger or smaller government, WMDs, or corporations: THIS ELECTION IS A CHOICE BETWEEN FASCISM AND DEMOCRACY, BETWEEN OPPRESSION AND LIBERTY, BETWEEN DEATH AND LIFE. As Mark Levin so astutely pointed out this evening on his radio program, if Kerry is elected, the U.N./world pressure on Israel will only get worse. G-d says "I will bless those who bless you, and curse those who curse you." We cannot ignore our ties to Israel, and we cannot ignore our responsibility to the G-d upon whose gifted rights our entire civilization is based.

As for that Report that Finds there were no WMDs in Iraq after 1991:

1. When we plow through Syria and find all those dirty bombs with Saddam's stamp on them, I'm looking forward to shouting I TOLD YOU SO! at the top of my lungs. I might even learn it in Farsi to be pc.

2. What happened to the America that was willing to fight for the liberty of all oppressed people around the globe? Have we all become UNionized? Do we think that we can just memo insane dictators to death? That maybe if we kill enough trees we'll bury the millions of starving children,raped women, and maimed innocents in paperwork so we just won't have to see how bad it really is? Do we think the paper will block the path towards regional and global domination or destruction?

3. If our sole reason for ousting Saddam should have been WMDs, I guess we really had no reason to invade Europe and oust Hitler, then. After all, he was only a brutal, murderous, hideous dictator bent on genocide, too.

If anything, this whole WMD non-argument illustrates the sick, vapid selfishness of the liberals who are willing to let millions of innocents die as long as the biggest threat they have to face is a paper cut.

Plow it Over and Build a STARBUCKS!

CIA Details Oil-for-Food Scam:
The report estimates the deposed Iraqi dictator diverted up to $1 billion over the years from the relief program to fatten his military and industrial capabilities — all right under the U.N.'s nose. The diverted cash, part of a series of bribes and payoffs related to the program, was supposed to go to suffering Iraqis in the form of humanitarian aid and food.

Here's a link to a great series of FNC articles on the Oil for Food Scandal. That's right, Russia, China, and France-- three of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council-- accepted bribes to help Saddam starve his own people and build up a WMD arsenal.

P.S. Laura Ingraham reports via The Washington Times (click for article) that John Kerry admits that France and Germany would be unwilling allies in the War on Terror, even if he is elected (a possibility which some compare to the probability of pigs flying and cold days in hell). Big surprise there-- if they've been listening to Kerry, they've already been talked out of it. **UPDATE** Kerry has now offered to slip France and Germany some of Teresa's petty cash on the side and see what he can do.


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