10 October 2004

More of What you AREN'T Being Told

Former CIA Director John Loftus was on Fox News this morning, talking about the Duelfer Report. He brought up some great facts that the Kerry-bought newsmedia isn't making you aware of:

1. The largest appendix in the back of the report is titled "WEAPONS UNACCOUNTED FOR" and it details the vast number of weapons we knew Saddam had as late as 2003 that were not found when we conquered Iraq. This corroborates the photographic evidence taken via spy sattelite in the months and weeks before the war began detailing numerous amounts of trucks shipping "items" from Iraq into Syria.

2. Out of over 200 Iraqi nuclear scientists, we've captured 30. The rest have found asylum in Syria or Lybia, and the governments of those countries are not allowing the CIA in to arrest and/or capture these criminals of Saddam's regime.

3. The report discusses the fact that Saddam was making a number of attempts to accquire nuclear materials because the explosives were the only part he needed to finish his bombs. As Mahdi Omedi, fmr. Iraqi Nuclear Scientist, points out in his book The Bomb in my Garden Saddam had the plans and the casings- all the needed were the nuclear materials themselves.

4. Rumor has it that by the time of the election, the report will already be collecting dust on the shelves. The 30 Iraqi nuclear scientists are supposedly going to be going on trial in days, and their testimony could reveal a lot. It's also rumored that Qaddafi of Libya may come forward and announce that he's harboring Iraqi WMDs and scientists.

5. The Libyan connection isn't news: Saddam and Qaddafi made a pact in 1995 that allowed Iraqi scientists to perform experiments on nuclear weapons and other WMDs on Libyan soil.

6. BTW, I think it's imperative to point out, in the name of re-engaging old allies, that the first American casualty in Iraq was killed thanks to a Saddam-owned French ROLAND missle.


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