25 October 2004

Likes Him, Likes Him Not

John Kerry has earned the favor of:

  • The majority of the population in the E.U.
  • Jacques Chirac-- who isn't going to become an American ally, but he is interested in buying Kerry's grandmother's summer home in Brittany.
  • Yassir Arafat, who believes all Jews should be "driven into the sea" but is busy fighting off his own people right now, who want the despot ousted from power so they can do things like, oh, eat. And live.
  • the Malaysian Prime Minister who believes that the Jews are to be blamed-- for everything.
  • The U.N., now embroiled in the Oil for Food Scandal
  • NOW, which still insists that women aren't getting equal pay, and base their statements on carefully censored statistics.

    And because the Victimhood cult of NOW bothers me so much... let's get into this pay gap crap:
    According to the Pacific Research Institute: "The wage gap between women aged 24 to 33 who have never had children is virtually nonexistent compared to men of the same age. And a 1993 U.S. Census Study shows that women who work at full time jobs and have never married earn $1005 for every $1000 of their male counterparts." Women who decide to take time off for children sacrifice earning power the same way any one of any gender would when they decide to take a substantial period of time off from work. And, btw, the 75 female cents to a male dollar is a censored statistic that should read: 75 female office worker cents to every male heavy-laborer dollar. You earn more money if you work with a jackhammer in a busy NYC street than you do if you push a pen in that high rise office building, male or female. You want the right to choose? You've got it: you can choose to take time off of work, and you can choose what kind of career you want. For all of this feminist "right to choose" whining, they don't want take the responsibility for the outcome of their choice. It's easier to do that chick thing and cry victim. Quick, get Patricia Ireland her fainting couch and smelling salts!
  • the majority of Hollywood, whose greatest talent is reading scripted lines... much like the rest of the Liberal Left.
  • some African Americans, such as the creator/writer of the comic "Boon Docks" who portray themselves as parole violators, drug dealers, and leeches on the welfare system, while referring to Condoleezza Rice as "Condoskeeza Rice" and referring to the most racially integrated White House in U.S. History as "racist".

John Kerry has Pissed Off:

  • the Military, Active and Retired
  • the Majority of the Female population, many of which are Security Moms
  • those earning more than $200,000 a year
  • Small Business owners/operators/employees
  • the Elderly
  • those who support Israel
  • a growing minority of Jewish and African Americans
  • the majority of active Christians
  • the Catholic Church (and a majority of the Catholics in those churches)
  • the disabled
  • a growing minority in the queer community (and yes, GLBT's are reappropriating that term as a positive identifier-- just ask my former thesis chair)
  • patriotic Americans (those who believe in American history and values; those who think the U.N. ought to be plowed over)
  • anyone who isn't a Socialist or a variant thereof
  • our 30 ally countries in the War on Terror
  • the interim Iraqi P.M. Iyad Allawi
  • a growing minority of Hollywoodees, including but not limited to: the Zucker brothers, Jim Abrams (that's right, the Airplane people) and actor Ron Silver
  • those of the 9/11 generation who have recently reached adulthood


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