02 November 2004

Six More Reasons Why I Lurve Ann Coulter Pre-Election SPECIAL!

From Ann Coulter's Weekly Editorial:

"In the midst of this rash of violence by white liberals, this week Al Gore admonished a group of blacks not to engage in violence over the election. ...The Kerry campaign is hemorrhaging black voters like teenaged girls fleeing an R. Kelly house party. None of the Democrats' top black leaders – Jesse, Al, Bill Clinton – has been able to stem the tide."

"Bill Clinton had to interrupt an important sponge bath with someone named "Bunny" to come to Kerry's rescue in Philadelphia. (Possible slogan: "Kerry – The Same as Clinton, Without the Burning Sensation.")"

"Kerry's got more gay marriage positions than the Kama-sutra, including the "yawning dog," the "courtesan's dilemma" and the "flip-flopping weasel." "

My Most Favourite: "Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was quite explicit about using abortion as a tool to reduce the minority population. She said the goal of Planned Parenthood was to "give certain dysgenic groups in our population their choice of segregation or sterilization." Even today, talk to any white liberal about abortion and within 60 seconds he will raise the black "overpopulation" problem.

We hear a lot about the 2 million people in America's jails and how many of them are black, but we rarely talk about the 35 to 40 million abortions since Roe v. Wade and how many of those babies were black. When your position on black abortion is identical to the Klan's, maybe it's time to reconsider."

"Among the jobs that are currently not available to Americans are these being performed in China under a free-trade bill voted for by John Kerry. (New campaign slogan: "John Kerry: Betraying America Since 1971.")"

"Kerry claims Republicans disenfranchised 1 million black voters in Florida in 2000, but neglects to mention that after extensive and expensive hearings, the U.S. Civil Rights Commission failed to name a single one of them. Can you name just one out of that "million," Sen. Kerry? We've found more WMDs in Iraq than we've found disenfranchised blacks in Florida."


And don't turn on the evening news before you vote and get fooled like the Floridians did. "Three separate studies have confirmed the blinding obvious fact that by calling Florida for Gore beginning at 7:49 pm EST, the networks suppressed thousands of votes in the heavily Republican Florida Panhandle (which runs on Central time) and cost Bush votes." --Slander

And, speaking of Osama being a Kerry mouthpiece...maybe it's the other way around. Consider these facts:

In Dr. Yossef Bodansky’s book The High Cost of Peace, he cites that the Communist Vietnamese sat down with the Palestinians to “…help them develop a program that would appear flexible and moderate, especially in dealing with the United States…” so that they could achieve their goal of Palestinian statehood without being viewed as “terrorists” but rather by being “lauded and supported” by the West, like the Vietnamese. This plan focused on key issues including gaining the support of the U.S. media, as well as liberal political circles and institutions. The resulting “Phase Plan”, which would later manifest itself during the Clinton years as the Oslo “Land for Peace” Accords, was adopted as the resolution of the 12th Palestinian National Council in Cairo on June 19, 1974.

Okay... so this plan is created by the Vietnamese Communists and given to the Islamic terrorists. Both groups use the strategy to ingratiate themselves with liberal American society. So, here's my theory: The Kerry campaign, Michael Moore, and all the other libs/socialists out there are using language they've been brainwashed with by the Communists/Islamofacists, Bin Laden among them. Bin Laden, being one of the perpetrators of the brainwashing, most likely would not want to associate himself with the same language in order to avoid revealing the fact that the Communists/Islamofacists basically control the American Left. So, his use of those same talking points illustrates one of two things: he thinks Americans have been brainwashed, for the most part, and therefore rendered too stupid to notice, or he's faltering and can no longer stand on his own without the support of the American Left.

Now, the first hypothesis is possible, especially given his sources used to receive information on America, namely the mainstream media. If you're going to sample American news networks (broadcast and cable), American newspapers, and other American media (Hollywood films, for example), you're going to come away thinking that we're a country of brain-dead morons who believe terrorists are really "freedom fighters" and that George W. Bush is the antichrist. However, the majority of America is exactly the opposite of the Liberal majority in the media, so Bin Laden's assumption is false.

The second hypothesis is probable, given the fact that if Bin Laden or Al Qaeda wanted to perform a terrorist attack, they would do so. Also, in the tape he offers to bargain with Americans-- "if your state votes for George W. Bush, I won't blow you up. We'll talk." Terrorists don't bargain unless they think they have a chance to fool their enemies (in this case, us "infidels") or if they know they're going to lose. Does Bin Laden fall in line with Liberal thinking, that we're a "divided America" that would willingly go state-by-state into a Confederacy of Islam? If so, he must be watching too much CNN. The more probable answer is that he does realize he is on the losing side of the battle-- and he's ready to bargain his way out on his terms which, of course, we know is a joke.

Man, it's going to feel great to vote George W. Bush tomorrow.


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