22 July 2005

Happy Pesach; G-d Bless America!

I went to a Reform Passover Seder in Texas once. Now, usually, we end our Seders by saying "Next Year in Jerusalem!" This Seder ended with us singing the Star Spangled Banner.

As if it weren't already difficult enough to be a Jew in America, the ugly head of politically correct anti-Semitism is rearing itself in the State Department. You know the kind of anti-Semitism I'm talking about; the polite, reformed, "we don't talk about those things in public, dear" anti-Semitism that the Brits have donned in their particularly unique, "Oh-The-Prince-Wore-A-Nazi-Armband-Ha-Ha-Have-A-Cup-of-Tea-Dear" fashion for centuries. In case you weren't aware, we've got a Secretary of State acting as a mediator for the Palestinians now, who promotes the idea of splitting Israel in two so the terrorists can have a "contiguous state" from which to perform their "Throw The Jews in the Sea" operation. Liberal blacks dislike Condollezza Rice because they think she's a sellout to whitey; I dislike Condolleezza Rice because she's a sellout to the Arabs. (The same Arabs who would prefer her swathed in black robes whilst barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen with her jaw wired shut, mind you.)

Meanwhile, we have a President who was all about Israel in his first term, who pushed aside the State Department's "Road Map" and refused to deal with Maccha Terrorist Arafat. Brilliant. Now we have a President who's inviting the new C.E.O. of Terrorism, Abu Mazen, to tea and krumpets at the White House. Think he's going to veto the Senate vote to pay three million dollars to buy Gaza hothouses from the Jews and give them to the Palestinians as a housewarming present for them to morph into terror training camps? If his latest pick for Supreme Court nom (just read Ann Coulter's op/ed on that one) says anything about Bush's character, don't think that negation is going to come any time soon.

If our government falls any more deeply in love with the "Palestinians" (most of whom are the Arab world's rejects to begin with) they'd better make sure their shots are up to date and hope scientists come up with an AIDS vaccine quick, because the gloves have definitely come off: we've gone from right hooks to hand jobs with these mofos. Now that's what I call a War on Terror.

It really does piss me off, but I'm not suprised, either. Look at the history of Israel's leaders: Moshe Dayan, brilliant war general, gives back territory in the name of "peace." Ariel Sharon, brilliant war leader, wins on the No Land for Peace ticket, now signing away Gaza. Why should Bush be any different? Scripturally speaking, G-d puts leaders on their thrones, but He never wanted Israel to have a king. If anything, more people should be pointing towards our government with big, fat, accusatory fingers saying "SEE!! Do you SEE why G-d is ultimately in charge?! HEL-LO!!!" I think He allowed Israel to have kings just to illustrate why we don't really need them.

At least there's a growing number of Jews in Israel who are publicly depending on G-d for their salvation from this Disengagement deal. The recent Three Day protest drew a crowd of tens of thousands of Jews, who paraded a Torah scroll and spent three days praising G-d for Israel. They've held massive prayer rallies at the Kotel and around the world, and they're publicly testifying their faith in G-d to save them and their land. We're talking actions of a Biblical nature here, people. G-d is going to act in a big way to save Israel; I am convinced of this. When His people call to Him with honest hearts, He will answer; their trust will save them.

Meanwhile, I'm also convinced that America is on life support.


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