22 July 2005


My good friend Jamie... aka 1971 Films (see link on right)... recently emailed me and asked why I wasn't updating this site. Really, there's no reason not to except that lately, I've been so disheartened with the way the American government is turning against Israel (thank you, State Department, aka the Innermost Circle of Political Hell) and I've been too distracted with paying attention to the Disengagement Protests to really write anything about them. But Jamie is right. (Go ahead, you're allowed to brandish that smartass Jamie smirk, Sir.) I should be updating this page more often, if only to "bemoan our wretched state."

So, lunch hour approacheth! And with it comes my latest political opinions fettered with Messianic fervor, read, in the words of Brian the Dog from "Family Guy": "G-d. Is. PISSED."


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