20 September 2005

Yet Another Reason Why I Hate the State Dept. & More!

Found originally posted on IsraPundit, first written about in the Jerusalem Post, State Department Officially Adopts Arab Perspective as Policy:

"...An Arabist by training, he knows none of the major politicians on either side of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute and has never been assigned to the issue, even in Washington."

The story pointed out that the new ambassador's 'roots in the Arab world are so deep that his beloved greyhound is named Kisa for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the country of his first posting in the Arab world.'"

And why does Jones think he was sent there? "Maybe they wanted someone who could provide the Arab perspective, too."

Well, isn't that wonderful.

The article ends with, "An avid puzzle fan, he told the Post, 'I like to see how fast I can solve things.'"

Watch out. Arab point of view? Solve things quick? My only question is, how did he get out of Ben Gurion Airport with that suicide belt attached to his waist?

As Israpundit points out, "Is the Arab perspective now the official policy of the United States? And if not, why is the new US ambassador to Israel implying that it is? "

In "Jews Who Hate Being Jews" News, check out The Sulzberger Indifference Template at Mediacrity. Right on the money, the author outlines the systematic anti-Zionist theme that has run through The New York Times since the Sulzbergers took on the media empire. So, why are some Jews in the Diaspora so anti-Israel to the point that mentioning the Holocaust while it was happening was not a priority? Please don't tell me that what I just asked was rhetorical.


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