31 January 2006

And Atlas said, "Carry your own damned world"

In the "Stop this world, I want to get off" section of today's rants, I give you:

President Bush is a BIG FAT LIAR via MarkBlum.com, cross-posted at Israpundit:

"The United States is urging Arab states to continue funding a Hamas-led Palestinian Authority, even though Washington is threatening to cut its own aid. Western diplomats said on Monday that President George Bush's administration has already contacted Arab governments that give the Palestinian Authority support and requested them to continue their funding.

The US position behind the scenes contrasts with its public stance, in which Bush has said he will cut aid to the Palestinian Authority unless Hamas renounces violence and stops demanding the destruction of Israel.

(Click 'Read More' for link and full story: Full Story)

Combine that with Israpundit's link to The New Republic article that notes:

The operative result of the Hamas victory, then, is that Tehran has just moved several thousand kilometers closer to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. In fact, Israel is now surrounded by Iranian proxies--Hezbollah to the north and Hamas to the south and east.

This is why we never bombed Iran. This is why we never went after Saddam's WMDs we KNEW were in Syria. This is why we cowtow with sanctions instead of attack with weapons. You fools. You bloody, insane fools sitting in our government, using the power the people have given you to destroy Israel, this nation, and the world. America will be punished for this, there is no doubt in my mind. You don't curse Israel unless you have a death wish- Genesis 12:3.

Where are America's righteous gentiles? Hopefully on their knees begging for mercy with the rest of us handful of lonely souls who still have the ability to tell right from wrong and identify political gameplaying when we see it.

HaShem have mercy on the soul of America. HaShem, have mercy on Your people and save Israel from her enemies so that we may have a home to flee to when our gentile neighbors turn against us yet again. HaShem, have mercy and guide us to our real allies and our real friends, whether they are Jewish or gentile, so when no land is safe, we will at least be able to take refuge in each other.

HaShem, grant us the wisdom to work while it is yet light; for the night is fast approaching.

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