18 January 2006

Protest Now!

Italy to Charge GI in Iraq Death [AP via Military.com]

ROME - Italian prosecutors investigating the killing of an Italian secret service agent at a checkpoint in Iraq plan to charge a U.S. Soldier with murder and attempted murder, Italian media reported Tuesday.

This is the part where I raise my hand and ask the question: What is the American public going to do to protest the idea of a foreign government putting one of our soldiers on trial for doing their job? Think about it, people. If we don't stand behind our military now, we may not have a military willing to protect us in the very near future-- and could you blame them?

Here's the Military.com discussion board for this topic. I don't know whether or not you have to join to voice your opinion; either way, don't let that board be your only forum. This is insanity and it must be stopped. As the first poster wrote, "We BETTER get this soldier out of this, or we will see a definite affect on the rest of our troops and their confidence in their government to protect them from any foreign government political power plays."

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