01 February 2006

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

Regarding yesterday's line of conversation this bit of news should be no shock:

Hamas: Western Diplomats Secretly Meeting With Us [Israel National News]

According to the PIC, there have been at least five meetings between Western diplomats and Hamas leaders in recent days. Specifically, it was claimed that three former American ambassadors to Middle Eastern countries took part in such meetings on Saturday.

Here's the greater question I have on my mind right now: Was the Road Map designed and implemented solely to distract the Israeli Army, demoralize the Israeli people, and cause derision within the nation of Israel in order to make it all the easier for Israel's enemies to swoop in for the kill?

Update 12:48pm See Disengagement of the Youth, Says Naveh [Israel National News] regarding the latest removal of Jews from "occupied" Amona. Looks like my hypothesis is rapidly testing true.

Update 3:22pm Brother on Brother [Israpundit] With tears in my eyes I watch brother on brother. The lines have been crossed in Israel.

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