31 May 2006

History's Lessons Not Learned

Debka reports: Outrage in Israel over Mahmoud Abbas’ choice of Mahmoud Dimra – Abu Awad – to lead his new private US-UK-funded militia
A senior security officer told DEBKAfile: By rehabilitating a prominent master terrorist and putting him in charge of his own presidential guard, Abbas has turned the clock back to 1996 and 2000. In those years, US and Israeli secret services, still under the illusion they were promoting peaceful relations, provided Arafat’s Force 17 specialized training in sophisticated combat techniques and also guns. Those techniques and guns were later turned against Israeli targets. “Has nothing been learned from those bitter experiences?” asked the Israeli officer.
And you'd think the United States would've learned their lesson when it came to arming guerilla groups...

Quiz of the Day: How many times did HaShem tell the people of Israel NOT to make ANY covenants with the peoples living in their promised land, lest they fail as a nation?


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