01 June 2006

Teshuva NOW

Tovia Singer had Professor Francisco Gil-White on Israel National Radio the other day. (Links: Part One and Part Two of his interview.) The Professor, known among the blogosphere for his extensive research on Israel and American foreign policy, published on Historical and Investigative Research, has been fired from the University of Pennsylvania essentially for supporting Israel.

I've been a long-time admirer of Gil-White's impressive and thoroughly researched body of work. His research into the roots of American foreign policy has not only proved enlightening, but thought-provoking as well. As Gil-White said in his radio interview, "...if you have not recognized your enemy, you cannot defend yourself." In a world where so much re-education is needed to contradict the lies fed through academia and the mainstream media, Gil-White should be at the top of every real scholar's resource list.

Having proposed a thesis on Jewishness only to be asked point-blank by my Chair, "You're not planning on getting a PhD, are you?" before my writing process even began, I am not surprised that Gil-White was fired for taking a pro-Israel stance. Certainly, he is not the first professor to suffer such censure within the academic community. This should be a huge wake-up call to American citizens, especially Jewish Americans and the supporters of Israel; we cannot continue to allow our tax dollars or our children to attend colleges and universities that are nothing more than institutions of PC brainwashing. Dr. Eugene Narrett issued the call, and I echo it here: AMERICANS, DIVEST FROM AMERICA'S PC COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES NOW!!!

That being said, I would also like to comment on Gil-White's exceptional recounting of the relationship between the United States government and Iran over the course of the past 20-odd years. Never before have I been given such a clear and concise picture of the Iran Contra affair and the subsequent relationship between these two countries. In short, Gil-White concludes that the United States will not ever attack Iran. Truly, as I have said before, Israel alone will fight the battle. And here comes the tricky part; the current government of Israel will do nothing to save Israel from Iran. This is clear. Olmert and the Kadima party, in their continual corruption, are arguing over how best to give away more of Israel's land and displace more of her own people. The leaders of the Army, for the most part, are no better; they are, in fact, doing their best to destroy the greatest fighting force in the world. Who? Who, then, can we rely on for our salvation?

In the end, it will be HaShem ALONE who we MUST rely on for our very lives.

Stop being so stiff-necked, Israel! Rise up, the righteous among you, who love HaShem as He commanded: with all your hearts, all your souls, and all your might. Rise up, you with circumcised hearts, and proclaim the power of Adonai before the nations; glorify His name throughout the earth, that He would go before us to claim victory over our enemies as he did in the days of Moshe and Yehoshua! This isn't our history-- THIS IS OUR INHERITANCE, if only we would lay claim to it!

Now is not a time for weeping; now is the time to take hold of the promise that Adonai made when He spoke through the prophet Isaiah saying, "To those who have sorrow in Zion I will give them a crown of beauty instead of ashes. I will give them the oil of joy instead of sorrow, and a spirit of praise instead of a spirit of no hope." Now is not a time to lay face-down before Adonai, but to stand up, as he commanded Yehoshua, to recognize that we have failed to live up to our covenant with HaShem, to remove the sin from our hearts and to turn to Adonai Tzvaot for our salvation!

This is not a call to simply don tefillin, or do tzedekah, or study the words of the sages; this is a call to do all of these things FROM OUR HEARTS with the sole intent to PLEASE ADONAI, who, through the prophet Hosea told us that He "desires mercy not sacrifice, and acknowledgement of HaShem over burnt offerings." We must lay claim to HaShem's promise, "Adonai your G-d will circumcise your hearts and the hearts of your descendants, so that you may love him with all your heart and with all your soul, and live." Now is the time, Israel; now is the time for you to take charge of your salvation! Choose life and LIVE! Choose ADONAI!

**RELATED NOTE** See: Celebrating Shavuos Alone by Jonathan Rosenblum [Yarmulke Tip: Daled Amos]

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