05 June 2006

Ma Nish-wha?

I spent five years in college studying American Jewish culture, yet when I come across statements like this one from Joe Settler:
I mean seriously, how can you take the concept of Avoda Zorah wigs seriously when the pronouncements come from the same circles that have actually forbidden pizza shops in Bnei Brak?
I realize that I still have a lot to learn, especially when it comes to the Israeli Jewish world. I don't claim to be Orthodox, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't understand the culture, especially in light of the fact that certain Orthodox sects make up the bulk of the pro-land "Religious" Zionists, whose main argument (which can be summed up as, "Israel, get with your Torah already") I agree with 100%.

That, and I just want to sound cool at Orthodox cocktail parties. ;) ;)


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