14 July 2006

Knees on the ground, Hands in the air

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Todah rabbah goes to Chaim at Life of Rubin, for such a time as this.

"Some rely upon chariots and some rely upon horses, but we rely upon and invoke the Name of the L-rd our G-d." Baruch haShem!


Blogger Janice said...

Zionists rely on artillery paid for by the US.

If the US didn't give you money where would you be?

5:04 PM  
Blogger Shanah said...

"'Neither by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit,' says HaShem..." (Zechariah 4:6)

The Israeli Air Force bombed Lebanese air fields in the south a few nights ago. These air fields were stocked with American made planes. America gives plenty of money and artillery to the Arabs as well. For instance, American weapons were recently used by Hamas in Gaza.

Americans and Israelis both need to understand that their country is not Israel's savior. In certain instances America has made pro-Israel statements, but the bottom line is that when it comes to the battle, Israel fights alone.

Case in point: The Six Day War. From The Jewish Virtual Library: "The United States tried to prevent the [Six Day] war through negotiations, but it could not persuade Nasser or the other Arab states to cease their belligerent statements and actions. Still, right before the war, Johnson warned: "Israel will not be alone unless it decides to go alone." Then, when the war began, the State Department announced: "Our position is neutral in thought, word and deed."

Moreover, while the Arabs were falsely accusing the United States of airlifting supplies to Israel, Johnson imposed an arms embargo on the region (France, Israel's other main arms supplier, also embargoed arms to Israel)."

A true analysis of the Middle East situation shows that it is America who NEEDS Israel, not the other way around. Israel, on the other hand, need only rely on HaShem for salvation; history proves what scripture promises.

5:59 PM  

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