13 July 2006

Links for Info

In a post dated yesterday, Treppenwitz notes: What follows is a collection of facts I have picked up from many of the Israeli news services. I am not posting links because too many of them are pulling down stories nearly as fast as they are posting them. I'm assuming this has to do with military censors.

Baruch haShem for Israeli military censors. It's so great to see a country NOT operating along the lines of the Geraldo Rules of Media Engagement when it comes to divulging battle plans.

Up until now, I've tried to post news and information as it becomes available. However, plenty of other blogs with writers in Israel are doing a much more timely and succinct job of doing that than I ever could. Therefore, I give you links to a few fab blogs to be watching for updates/insider info:

Israel Matzav
Israel at Level Ground
Greetings from the French Hill

At this point everyone is running around with at least three opinions apiece. (We're Jews, this is what we do.) However, I have gleaned from my "right wing sources" that there are a certain number of things we can agree on:

1. The Left was wrong. (This is a rhetorical comment at this point, right?)

2. Olmert and Peretz are not capable of fighting a war. (This was the general consensus before last night's top secret Security Cabinet meeting and today's subseqent actions by the IDF in Lebanon. Has this opinion changed? I doubt it. Olmert & Peretz have A LOT to make up for. Somehow, I can't help but see early elections in the very near future.)

3. We are so not leaving Yhudah and the Shomron. 9,000 Jewish refugees living in tents may very well be rebuilding their towns in Gush Katif in the near future.

4. Forget the war of attrition that's been going on for years. We don't want to "disable" the "terrorist infrastructure" we want to, to borrow their phraseology, "wipe it off the face of the earth." We're Jews and we mean business.

5. We'd better start making teshuva, and fast. I'm talking full-blow, knees-to-the-ground, hands-in-the-air begging for heavenly mercy, here. Because, you know what? Israel is waking up to the idea that we've got to go it alone in this fight; we always have, and we always will. But, to the Jew, going alone means that we're never alone, because we've got HaShem on our side.

Links to Some Commentary:

Israel National Radio If you have the ability to listen, this is a great source for live news updates and commentary from inside Israel. Listen and be informed!

Daled Amos


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