14 September 2006

Syrious Dilemma

So, apparently Bush and the American government are following the same advice they gave Olmert about a month ago-- when Syria attacks, turn tail and run.

Is anyone else disgusted at what a joke the Israeli and American governments have become? More importantly, is anyone willing to get off their duff and DO something about it?

The chaotic silence that erupted in Israel since the "truce" "brokered cease-fire" "lame excuse for giving Muslim nutcases time to re-arm" was declared is mind-boggling. Meanwhile, in America, the conservative Jews have moved on to seemingly sexier battles, like the one currently being waged between Israpundit and MoveOn.org, and the Evangelicals have...well...is there a new Left Behind book out, or something? Is Kirk Cameron on national tour, is that it? Or have they all been sucked up into that Trailer Park in the Sky for the tribulatory dinner party already? Hello? Is anyone listening? Is anyone paying attention? ANYONE?

If you are, tell Gilad Shalit, Eldad Regev, and Ehud Goldwasser I said Shalom, and mazel tov on becoming this generation's Ron Arads.

This world makes me sick.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

pray are hope is in the G_D of isreal

5:33 AM  

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