26 September 2006

Happy New Year, Muslim Style

While numerous Israeli Jews (including public officials-- which makes me wonder if they were beaten by Israeli cops for causing such a ruckus) and citizens of the western world are trying their best to wish Muslims a happy Ramalamadingdong, muslims have already shot their New Year greetings across the border into the promised land:

Kassam-Kuds Rockets Hit Sderot, Woman Hurt; Hamas Promises More [Israel National News]

I wonder what the Winograd Commission is going to say about that one.


Oh, and a blip from American news:

I haven't ripped on Bill Clinton in quite a while because, well, when it comes to mocking political figures, he's been more used and abused than a three-dollar whore. (He probably likes it that way, too.) But, here's a quote from a recent interview he did on Fox News:

Democracy is about way more than majority rule. Democracy is about minority rights, individual rights, restraints on power.

Of course, the entirety of what he said amounted to nothing less than a voluminous amount of politically correct hot air, this statement included. But, to illustrate the power of Marxist doublespeak, I will translate this above-quoted statement so you can understand what the Clinton really meant:

Democracy isn't about the government obtaining its power from the people. Democracy is about grouping people according to race, color, creed, sexual orientation, and the like, then pitting these groups against one another by instructing each group that every other group only sees them as a people-group and not as individuals with rights, thereby fostering and encouraging massive in-fighting through rhetoric, hate speech, and meaningless lawsuits, in order to restrain as much of their individual power as possible. That way, the government is left free to wield as much power over the people as it sees fit.

William Jefferson Clinton: Giving the cigar industry a boost since 1998.



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