18 September 2006

This Just In: Logical Thinking Saves Lives!

HaShem only acts, or reacts, when the situation becomes so horribly bad that there is no possible way a human being-- any human being-- can come up with a solution. Can you possibly comprehend how badly things have to be for HaShem to intervene?

Lately, I've been spending most of my time applying for new jobs. Each time I send out a resume, I get a little thrill, because I've taken a proactive step towards bettering myself and my work life. I saw a problem, defined it, and made the choice to take steps towards resolving it. Makes sense, right? Now, let's apply the problem solving procedure on a larger scale:

The problem: The slow, yet steady (and steadily increasing) destruction of Israel/the Jewish people.

The cause: Hatred of Jews, exhibited primarily by Muslims, but also by other gentile groups and those who can be termed, "self-hating Jews."

The solution: Exhibit Israel pride, deny the destruction, defeat the destroyers.

Makes sense, right?

Apparently, not to the Israeli government. Exhibiting classic ghetto syndrome, they're too busy studying what THEY did wrong in the last "war," as it were.

How horrible do things have to be for G-d to intervene?

Ask six million Jews.

Really, go ahead; they're living in Israel right now. I'm sure they've got some opinions on the subject.

I hope.


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