08 December 2006

Writing a Letter to an IDF Soldier

I like tzedekah. If I didn't, I wouldn't be Jewish. (Contrary to the popular belief of gentiles the world-over that we are cheap penny-pinching misers.) My gripe with tzedekah is the gross amount of waste that goes on in charities everywhere. I don't care how well intentioned they are; when the founder or manager of the charity lives in a house that's nicer than yours, and you're the one scrounging for pocket change to give to their cause, something is definitely wrong with the picture.

Besides, true tzedekah doesn't come from the checkbook; it comes from the heart. I don't mind giving someone some dough as long as I know it's getting to the right place, and I can send it with a verbal or written blessing for the recipient. Something inside me itches for that person/those persons to know that I didn't just consider them a tax deduction or an easy way out of a guilt trip; I really want them to know that I care and I pray for them to be blessed.

Anyway, my gripes and desires aside, I had a thought. There are tons of American organizations that do "write a letter to a soldier" programs for the US Armed Forces. Are there any such organizations for the IDF? Now, I know that the language barrier may be an issue in some cases, but I still think it'd be a fun idea. Tis the season of the Jewish warrior, anyhow, and the way things are in Israel, I'm sure the IDF could stand to get a few Hanukkah cards with some praises and words of encouragement along with their pizza and other goodies. After Googling for an hour I have yet to find an organization that collects letters for IDF soldiers. Before giving up, I thought I'd give the blogosphere a try and see if anyone out there knew of such an organization.

If not, at least give me a vote: Friends of the IDF or PizzaIDF, which one should I give a gift to this holiday season?

Todah for the help, and Shabbat Shalom!



Blogger Rafi G said...

I would vote for pizzaidf. I will ask around some people about such an organization....

10:53 PM  
Blogger Baleboosteh said...

I have often wondered the same thing. I would love to send a letter of encouragement to IDF soldiers.

If there is no such organisation, I think you should go with pizzaIDF that way you still get to pass on a message to the soldiers along with their pizza (or hanukkah donuts)!


4:20 AM  

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