03 November 2004

W is for WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

And guess what, libs? George W. Bush has beat out your god, Clinton's popular rating. He's even surpassed the mighty Reagan with OVER 50% OF THE POPULAR VOTE making George W. Bush the recipient of the most votes ever received in a Presidential election.

Aw, you don't get to whine about the evils of the Electoral College versus the Popular Vote this year. Poor kids. HA!

And W's not just for WIN in the White House(W is for White House, btw)....

Congress has a Republican Majority yet again!

House: 212 Republicans v. 193 Democrats (all 435 seats were up for grabs)

Senate: 53 Republicans v. 44 Democrats (34 seats were up for grabs)

And that's right, Tom Daschle, Minority Leader, YOU AIN'T LEADIN' NO MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And here's a special message for the MTV Coalition of the Coerced and Bribed:

Fewer than one in ten voters were 18-24, which is about the same proportion as 2000. So, Puffy and the rest of your elitist ilk, your slogan really reads: Shut up or die... in the ratings anyway.


Well, today I'm going to rejoice in the Victory of Four More Years. Tomorrow I'll get back onto my soapbox and decry the horrifying fact that waaayyy too many people in this country were willing to put a Communist Agent and Traitor into the White House.


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