22 July 2005


Sometimes you just want to puke after you read the news.

Envoy Ayalon: Expulsion Part of US-Israeli Policy

"Ayalon, in an interview with the Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles, also reversed previous government statements, saying that Israel does not expect the Palestinian Authority (PA) to dismantle terrorist infrastructure until after the planned expulsion. "

"The pullout agreement with the White House is more important than an agreement with the PA, the ambassador asserted. "Disengagement has to be viewed in the context of Israel-United States relations," he stated. "This pullout did not follow an agreement with the Palestinians, but it followed something which is much more important, an agreement with the United States. Disengagement is something that creates a common agenda between us and the United States.""

What? Since when did this become all about US-Israeli Group Hug Time? Israel's doing it for the US? Then I guess we can assume that the US is representing the Palestinians... which is in complete contrast to the War on Terror we're supposed to be fighting.

Most people don't like George W. Bush because he's against babies being ripped from their mother's wombs, or he admits to liking Jesus, or he's got a funny accent. I dislike him because he's turned his back on Israel. Logic (and prophecy and history) dictates that any nation that turns its back on Israel is going to fail. Please, somebody, anybody- do the math.


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