20 January 2006

Bizarre things read while searching for employment

Sometimes searching for a job means considering relocation, which, in turn, means research. Here are a few of the fun things I've come across while researching different areas to relocate to based on jobs I'm considering applying for:

Apartment Rental Ad:

"Section 8, Bad Credit, and some criminal history may be considered. If you have had trouble renting in the past due to credit checks or criminal history, you will want to call us ASAP. We will try to work with you!"

Yeah, there's a neighborhood I want to live in.

Regarding Demographic information for a particular city:

(*Please note: Hispanics are an ethnicity and can be of any race.)

Are Hispanics the new Jews?

Best "Quote from a Public University Job Listing" of the Day:

[We] have a longstanding commitment to cultural diversity and are actively seeking to nurture and enrich our gender, cultural, racial and ethnic communities.

Are there dividing lines between the terms cultural, racial, and ethnic, or were they just doing that academic thing where 90% of what you say is synonymous B.S.?


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