18 July 2006

American Perspective on Israel

It's a WAR

The American media continues to be insanely biased in its coverage of this current WAR (that's right, WAR, not "escalating MidEast conflict") going on between Israel and Hizbollah.

For instance, they can't even point out that it's a war between Israel and HIZBOLLAH, not the state of Lebanon. Not that Lebanon really exists. In all their little editorial info sheets on "key players and key weapons" they have yet to divulge the fact that Lebanon used to be a great democracy until Syria invaded and took control of their government. (Shhh....we don't want to encourage another "escalation" in this "escalating conflict.")

Sign This Voucher for Proof of Payment

American news can't get over the fact that the American government is trying to get Americans out of Lebanon. They can't. NOT ONE WORD has been mentioned about foreigners leaving Israel at the height of their tourist season. But there's at least five channels worth of news coverage on the 1500/5000/15000/25000 Americans who want to get out of Lebanon. (No, they can't agree on a number, but one newscaster did state that the majority of these "Americans" had dual citizenship and therefore most would elect to stay in the country.)

According to the news, the State Department has asked all Americans in Lebanon to register with them-- ONLINE. Seriously; FOX News interviewed an American Priest who explained that the State Dept. gives you a phone number to call, and when you call it, you get an automated message telling you to register with them online. (Ah, the efficiency of bureaucracy.) You tell me how badly Beirut and the rest of Lebanon has been bombed if the Americans there, some tourists with no real connections or ability to speak the language, can get to a freaking computer to register online with the State Department. You tell me how bad the situation is in Beirut when a bunch of these Americans can get on a phone to a newscaster here in America to say things like, "Yes, the United States is charging me, and I'm sending the bill to Israel," like some incredibly wise and informed smartass whose vacation in terrorland was interrupted by a conflict that is, most likely, going to save her life and the lives of her snotty kids.

What a joke.

The best part is the fact that the United States is making these Americans sign vouchers stating that they'll pay America back for their trip out of the country. Hear that, America? This is your tax dollars at work! ...What was that about the national debt and bankruptcy again?

I got my news from Al

Meanwhile, you're going to hear plenty of "reports" of Lebanese "casualities" as reported by Al-Arabic news sources, but you aren't hearing squat about Israeli casualties and wounded. (Does that indicate that Al-Arabic news sources are, perhaps, BIASED in their coverage?) In fact, you aren't hearing squat about Israel. I suppose that's because each news bureau followed the same hiring criteria as American Intelligence did after 9/11-- only hire people who speak Farsi, and NO JEWS.

The Be-All, End-All that is the UN

News reporters are repeating the Israeli cease-fire demands for Hizbollah to be disarmed over and over again, as if that means anything. "If Hizbollah disarms, this will all be overwith," is the general consensus of the day. They don't bother telling you that for Hizbollah to disarm, the governments of Syria and Iran will have to be destroyed. That language presents far too harsh a reality for public broadcast.

The reality is, that unless Israel destroys Hizbollah in Lebanon, Hamas and the PLO in Gaza and the West Bank, and crushes Damascus and Tehran, this war will never be over. It may slip back into "war of attrition" status, but it won't end until these regimes are wiped off the face of the earth.

There is no such thing as an accurate American perspective

Americans can't for the life of them understand what is really going on in Israel, for a number of reasons:

1. Most of them live with their heads so far up their bums that the only thing they're experts on is what they had for dinner the night before. As vituperative as that comment may be, it is a mere observation of what has been placed before me. Yes, there are Americans out there who make it a point to be informed about a situation before they start rattling off opinions, but the majority, like most human beings the world over, hear one bit of news and feel qualified to give expert commentary on the situation.

2. The fact of the matter is that most Americans do not know anything about Israel past the fact that it was where Jesus lived 2,000 years ago. The reason the MSM keeps referencing Israeli towns by their relationship to Jesus is because the MSM HASN'T done their job when it comes to reporting about Israel. Ever since the expulsion from Gush Katif in 2005, there's been nothing short of a stranglehold on any news about Israel in the American press. When one Fox News host commented in utter confusion, "I can't believe this happened, everything was fine there," she was giving voice to the thought in most American heads-- BECAUSE THE NEWS MEDIA HAS NOT DONE THEIR JOB IN KEEPING AMERICA INFORMED.

3. Most Americans are pro-Israel to begin with. When they hear of the country being attacked, especially by a terrorist entity, they're going to be pro-Israel even moreso. Hence the amazing attendance at the WE STAND WITH ISRAEL rally at the UN yesterday. This doesn't mean they understand what is going on; it means they understand that when a nation is under attack from a terrorist entity, that nation has the right to defend itself. As far as understanding the links in the chain, who the players are, where their power comes from, and why governments think the way they do, Americans are largely in the dark, which leads me to #4...

4. Most Americans really think Bush is pro-Israel. So do many Israelis, who hang their hopes on the sheer thread of American backing they're receiving in this battle. I won't deny that the majority of Congress have given strong pro-Israel statements-- because it is an ELECTION YEAR and they don't want to make all those constituents who fit into #3 angry before they go to the polls. Most Americans don't understand the underpinnings behind Bush, the radical anti-Israel nature of the socialist State Department, and the overwhelming power organizations like the anti-Israel Council on Foreign Relations wield over American foreign policy. Hence, they think that Bush commenting off the record that, "Syria needs to stop this sh*t" is some really strong statement in Israel's favor. As the old saying goes, don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.

5. I've said this before, but it bears repeating: the majority of American supporters of Israel are Evangelical Christians who read Genesis 12:3, listen to Bush say "Israel has a right to defend herself," send some money to a charity shipping Jews back to Israel, and think that they're doing their part. These are all very nice things, but they simply aren't enough. A large part of my argumentation on this issue is fueled by my beliefs as a Messianic Jew, and therefore, they deserve another place for discussion at a later date. Suffice to say, you can not think that any amount of money you give is going to excuse your ignorance of the realities of what Israel is going through. Moreover, your prayers are lovely and a blessing to HaShem, but how can you pray effectively when you still view Israel as "the land where Jesus walked" instead of a living, breathing reality fighting for life? Americans need to STOP approaching Israel from a third-person perspective, and start approaching Israel from the first-person, best friend and only real ally perspective she has worked hard for and certainly deserves.

6. Most young Americans today (by "young" I mean people under 40) have college educations, which means that most young Americans today have been indoctrinated with the classic hatred of Israel found within the Academy's Ivy covered walls. These people carry an ignorant prejudice against Israel that rests itself on the laurels of the likes of Mearsheimer & Walt and their socialist ilk who have been bent on destroying Israel and the Jewish people from the beginning. Hence the proliferation of leftist organizations of a variety of colors, all sharing the same baseless hatred for Israel. Don't try to talk to your average 20-something about what's going on in Israel right now unless you enjoy listening to the propaganda loop.

7. Americans are given news from an "American" perspective, which means that they are not only grossly uninformed about Israel, they are also only being told how this "effects" Americans. What's the number one effect on Americans? A hike in gas prices. Any time there's a hike in the cost of anything, Americans flip out. Who are they flipping out on? Follow the chain of thought:

Israel starting bombing Lebanon ...afterhezbollahkidnapped2soldiersandkilled8inacross-borderraid, therefore...

25,000 Americans have to evacuate Lebanon because of Israeli bombing, and, by the way...

Gas prices are soaring because of the latest crisis in the Middle East.

Gee, who do you think they're gonna hate, Ama-dinnerjacket in Iran whose playing the ponies with the price of oil in the stock market, or the Israelis trying to save their lives? It's all in perspective, and American news has NONE.

8. Most Americans do not understand that when we, the nation of Israel, pray, HaShem hears our cries and grants us victory for the sake of His good name. This goes hand-in-hand with viewing Israel as "Jesus's land" instead of a viable, living, breathing entity that views the Bible not as fable or legend, but as history and truth. To most Americans, "the Hebrews" are an ancient people depicted in Bible comic strips you get on Sunday morning-- not the ancestors of a living nation. The idea that we pray, recite Tehillim, and do so both as individuals and as a group, is merely "cute" to most Americans who believe in "peace through superior fire power." Granted, Israel has the greatest fighting force in the world, but to Americans, Israel is still too tiny to effectively defend itself against the big guns like Iran. Israel, however, knows better: not only do we have the best military in the world, the only G-d is on our side.

9. Americans will never comprehend why Israel must be so firm in defending herself because Americans do not know what it is to live in a country the size of ONE American state, that is SURROUNDED by LARGE nations bent on her destruction. Americans, with all their land, their oceans, and their peaceful, non-threatening neighbors, will never comprehend what it really means to be within inches of losing your life on a daily basis.

All of this being said, there are plenty of Americans out there who support Israel, many of whom read this blog. Take this report as a critical analysis of what is really going on in America-- and act on it!

For my Israeli readers, I'm not saying this to disappoint you in any way-- I want you to be informed about what's really going on here in America. You've got a lot of support, blind support, but support nonetheless that will, for the most part, remain unwavering. Most of all, I comment on these things here so that, if you are watching American news, you won't get downhearted at the biased reporting-- even though you're probably used to it by now. There are plenty of us who can see the truth past the treif-- and WE STAND WITH YOU!

I am a Zionist Entity Who Supports Israel

Even though I'm not in Israel, I am experiencing a boost in blog traffic due to current events. Of course, a boost in blog traffic means two things: people out there want to be informed from a variety of perspectives (good) and people out there want to propagandize their point of view by leaving as many "anonymous" anti-Israel comments as possible.

And welcome to the reason I monitor comments on this blog.

I think it's awesome that there are so many bloggers who don't monitor comments (I can't think of one Israeli blogger who does-- that's how insanely careful Israeli Jews are about being fair and balanced) and encourage open conversation and dialogue. Why don't I? Because that's not my purpose.

Sure, sometimes I will post a comment referring to me as "The Zionist Entity" or the like, if I feel it's a point worth addressing. However, most of the time, these "anonymous" comments involve pre-scripted propaganda points that "anonymous" has copied off of Kos or some other socialist website (far be it for them to think like individuals-- not only is that a scary thought, it also goes against their political ethos). I do not publish billboard comments. If you want me to publish your billboard comment, you're going to rent space from me like any other advertiser pushing a product. Too bad for you that I've divested from anyone who is anti-Israel.

Publishing anti-Israel commentary contradicts the purpose of this blog. I am here to give unwavering support for Israel, to be that shomer on the wall who will not slumber nor sleep until Jerusalem's righteousness shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a burning torch. You can contradict me if you like, but you won't win, not here nor anywhere else, for that matter. If that gets you so angry that you could just bite your pillow, then start your own blog where you can throw your kiniption fits to your heart's content-- I don't waste my time with losers.


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