17 July 2006

Bob Simon on Israel Channel 2

CBS journalist Bob Simon was just on Israel Channel 2 (Click for live feed) doing an interview in English. The treif spewing out of his mouth was ridiculous:

"This is a geographically determined region for war, just like Vietnam."

"Hizbollah will always be there. There is no way to get rid of them. You can push them back, but you can't get rid of them."

"America will support Israel as long as the kassams are falling. Once those kassams stop, Americans will definitely change their mind about what Israel is doing."

On behalf of all of us Jews who still live in America, bite my kosher tuchus, Bob Simon. You're a nutbag royale and an illustration of the mental poisoning of the mainstream media. I swear, Bob Simon and all the people like him, spewing lies about not being able to crush Hizbollah, about the Middle East being in constant conflict-- they're a bunch of socialist propagandists sent out there to do the UN's bidding. Don't listen to them, Israel!!!

Editorial Note: One thing I'm noticing is that the war in Israel is really weeding out the Jewish community in America. I have Jewish friends who aren't even paying attention to what is going on in Israel or, at the most, paying it lip service; at the same time, the blogosphere is popping with American Jews doing all they can to support Israel. It's weeding out the gentiles here, as well. There's a church practically across the street from where I live. On Sunday, the Pastor's wife stopped by to give us a CD of Psalms and let us know that she and her family were praying together for Israel. I have the strong suspicion from past conversations that we're the only Jews they know, in which case, they were performing a mitzvot in support of Israel. Baruch haShem.


Anonymous Rob said...

Hubba hubba! Did you see Olmert's declaration today?

"We will attack every terrorist staging area, destroy every terrorist base and liquidate members of the terror groups. Israel will not agree to live in the shadow of the threat of missiles and rockets on its citizens."


Wooohoooo!!! Now why can't el Presidente Bush say something like that? It's almost Putinesque.

Goodbye hamas, goodbye hezballah. I won't miss you. Nor will anyone else except leftists and anti-Semites in the UN (and Democrat Party, and various nutjob lefty blogs out there).

My old saying still holds true...and Israel shall provide the proof for me. "Peace is not the absence of war, it is the absence of enemies to kill."

I wish the Israelis good hunting and godspeed. Oh, and tipping your .223 caliber rounds in pig fat would be a good thing, too. (I'd be thrilled to do it for you if you're a super conservative Jew and can't stand the thought of handling pig product. Lemme know!)

2:06 AM  
Blogger Shanah said...

Yes, I enjoyed Olmert's speech IMMENSELY. Olmert coming out in favor of war + Diane Feinstein and Trent Lott agreeing to support Israel on the Communist News Network = Major Signs of Apocalypse.

And I'll take you up on the pig fat offer anytime.

3:04 AM  

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