17 July 2006


[I am keeping this post at the top of the blog today. Scroll down for further news/information updates. Also, check out Daled Amos, who has a great list of links to posts detailing ways you can help Israel at this hour. PRAY!!!]

ISRAEL! Do not allow your government and the governments of other nations to decide your fate for you, as if you were nothing but a pawn on a chess board! NO FOREIGN GOVERNMENT HAS THE RIGHT TO TELL YOU WHAT TO DO!

Who are the G-8 that claim to know so much about "peace" and world power?

America, who is under the growing control of Arabs who hate you, who is currently in the midst of negotiating to create a North American Union, who is currently in the midst of self-destructive bankruptcy, who forced you to evict your own people from Gush Katif, only to result in a barrage of rockets on Sderot, Ashkelon and Ashdod, whose State Department has, for the past century, worked to ensure your demise, both during the Holocaust and now-- you are trusting these people? DO NOT TRUST AMERICA! She takes away with the right hand what she gives with the left!

Canada, who continues to experience a minimum of one anti-Jewish incident a day, whose universities are so biased against you that riots break out when Israelis come to speak, whose neo-Nazi population is not above committing the murder of innocent Jews, who questions the right of the Canadian branch of MDA to exist, who continues to support your Arab enemies under the guise of international relations-- you are trusting a people with such a blatant disregard for your right to exist? DO NOT TRUST CANADA! She is a wolf in sheep's clothing!

Britain, the failed empire, who failed you in 1917, who failed you in the years leading up to the Holocaust, who continued to deny your right to exist in order to appease her oil-rich Arab caliphates-- you are trusting these people? DO NOT TRUST BRITAIN! Her country is controlled by the enemies who seek to destroy you, because she, too, once sought to destroy you, now she is being destroyed!

France, the puppet empire, who erradicated the one leader who gave you freedom to be Jews, the country that so willingly gave in to the Nazis and has been giving in ever since, the country that has forced the Jewish people to defend themselves, lest they be murdered by French Arabs in the streets? Do not forget, that the Jewish Defense League of France defends the Jewish right to exist in a state controlled by Muslim terror. Do not forget how many new olim are fleeing French oppression! DO NOT TRUST FRANCE! Her country is controlled by the enemies who seek to destroy you, because she, too, once sought to destroy you, now she is being destroyed!

Germany, the country of the Shoah, the home of Nazism that is on the rise again, who voted in a dictator with a plan to wipe you off the face of the earth, the same dictator who inspired Arab caliphates to birth Hamas, Hizbollah, the PLO, and all other associated terror groups bent on your destruction? DO NOT TRUST GERMANY! Her country is the birthplace of the hatred that boils over into rocket attacks, suicide bombers, and continual wishes for your death!

Italy, the land of the empire that conquered you, that destroyed your Holy Temple, the land of the culture that perished for attempting to anhiliate you, the land that coined the term "ghetto," the land that handed you over to the Nazis to be murdered, the land of a thousand Popes who have denied your right to exist, and now, they themselves are losing their adherents-- you put your trust in this government? DO NOT TRUST ITALY! Her country is the shred of a fallen empire that failed to destroy you, and is, therefore, being destroyed!

Japan, a country with virtually no Jewish population, whose people espouse the same stereotypical Jew-hatred that has fed the most virulent of anti-Israel crimes over the course of our existence, the country that knows virtually nothing of Judaism or Jewishness, the country that seeks a friendly, long-term relationship with Iran,-- you trust this government? DO NOT TRUST JAPAN! Their ignorance as a nation will guarantee their death!

Russia, the country who has persecuted you for thousands of years, the country from which the majority of your new olim have come seeking refuge, the country of the pogroms, the country of Stalin's Purges that resulted in the murders of MILLIONS of Jewish people, the country that is, today, led by a former KGB agent, the country that thirsted constantly for Jewish blood, the country that continues to arm the enemies that call for your removal from the face of the earth-- you trust this government? DO NOT TRUST RUSSIA! Their friendship with the enemy will result in their own destruction!

Do not allow yourselves to be destroyed by the nations of the world who so clearly have you in their sights, Israel! Do not allow your government to succumb to the wishes of the world, to seek the favor of the world for their own reputations! DO NOT ALLOW YOUR GOVERNMENT TO SIGN YOUR OWN DEATH WARRANT IN THE FORM OF AN INTERNATIONALLY BROKERED CEASE-FIRE! DO NOT GIVE IN TO YOUR ENEMIES, OR YOU WILL BE DESTROYED!!!

"Now, I have set before you life and death, blessing or curse; choose life, so that you may live, you and your descendants!" ISRAEL, CHOOSE LIFE SO THAT YOU MAY LIVE, YOU, AND YOUR CHILDREN, AND EVERY SINGLE JEW ON THE FACE OF THIS EARTH-- CHOOSE LIFE FOR YOURSELVES, FOR YOUR FAMILIES, FOR YOUR PEOPLE, FOR YOUR NATION!!!

Rebuke capitulation and face war, confident in your survival and success!!! We are the representatives of the Living G-d, whose love endures forever, whose arm is not too short to save, who has plans for us, plans for a future and a hope! OUR SALVATION IS IN OUR TRUST!!!! BE BOLD, BE STRONG, AND HAVE TRUST IN HASHEM!


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