16 July 2006

Insane Media "Analysis"

The news media never cease to be entertaining.

The Noorster writes about her friend Lisa calling her in excitement to tell her that Israel's Channel 10 reporter Zvi Yehezkeli, who covers Arab affairs, was being broadcast in real time on Lebanese news. Lisa covers the entire incident here. As Lisa puts it: This is just one example of how mad and complex this conflict is: We watch each other's television broadcasts, we talk to one another, and then...we bomb each other.

Maybe it's a bit of a reductionist statement (if I were Lebanese, I would not want Hizbollah referred to as "we"), but the irony shines through.

Meanwhile, FOX News just broadcast a map of Israel with all of these red lines criss-crossing it to illustrate how close every Israeli city and town is to current and possible terrorist bomb-launching sites. Seriously, it looked like Nasrallah's Queen Mary football play. The commentator remarked, "So, essentially, every location in Israel is vulnerable to attack, so these people are basically living in fear right now."

What a dipshitey thing to say. Firstly, you don't even have reporters interviewing Israeli civilians (as opposed to your reporters interviewing Lebanese civilians) so how would you know how they really felt? Secondly, I dislike anyone insinuating that Israelis are "full of fear" at this moment-- that's propaganda for the enemy to latch onto. And, quite frankly, after following Israeli blogs for days, I'm not really feeling the fear that is supposedly eminating from the citizens of Israel. In fact, they're all being rather pragmatic for the most part. Israelis have guts; if they didn't, they wouldn't be living there.

And, PS American newsmedia: Hamas and Hizbollah have been in the news since I was a kid. Why are you talking about them as if they're suddenly the new, hot thing? One Fox News reporter went so far as to express in shock that, "Everything was going fine over there, and then all of a sudden this stuff starts to happen and they're almost at war?!?!" (Yes, another American media bias is that they can't admit that there's a war going on right now. I believe CNN has it worded as "Brink of War" while Fox News is still calling it "Crisis in the Mid East" or something to that effect.) These aren't the new kids on the block; in fact, they've been actively reported on since NKOTB was a hit band. Get a grip.

Here's a great Op/Ed on Israel National News: Fearing Our Own Strength--- I couldn't agree more. Ceasefire, be damned!

And any terrorist leader who encourages civilians to blow themselves up in the name of Allah deserves what he gets from the IDF. If this inter-media exchange can teach both sides anything, it's that the sane, rational human beings who want peace, whether they're Jewish or not, have the right to stand up and fight for it.


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